Liposuction Before and After

Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes fat that you can’t seem to get rid of through diet and exercise. A plastic or dermatologic surgeon usually does the procedure on your hips, belly, thighs, buttocks, back, arms, or face to improve their shape. But liposuction can also be done with other plastic surgeries, including face-lifts, breast reductions, and tummy tucks.

Few considerations

First, nothing is more important than a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon. A personalized consultation will allow an experienced surgeon to give you a more concrete idea of how well liposuction will work for you and what kind of recovery process to expect.
Second, you should also be aware that recovery varies from one individual to the next. Factors such as age, overall health, and prior medical history all play a role in determining how quickly you will recover. It’s important to let your body heal at its own pace.
Finally, you will want to have realistic expectations when undergoing liposuction. It can be wonderfully transformative when utilized to help meet certain aesthetic objectives, but speaking with a trusted, board-certified plastic surgeon about your goals will help you understand how feasible liposuction is for reaching those objectives.

Recovery process

Your liposuction may take place at your doctor’s office or a surgery center. Make sure that the place where you’re getting it done is accredited, and is known for its professional standards, safety, and good results.
You’ll go home after the day of the procedure. Make sure to have someone drive you home afterward. (If you’re having a lot of fat removed, you should get the surgery done in a hospital, where you might stay overnight).
Before your liposuction starts, your doctor might mark the areas of your body that will be treated. She may also take photos to use later for before-and-after comparisons.
This is generally associate patient procedure, which suggests you’ll be able to come back a similar day, however, if you’re having a major quantity of fat removed, you’ll be needed to remain within the hospital nightlong for observation.
In spite of whether or not or not you’ve got to remain night long, you’ll like somebody to drive you home once you are cleared to go away. you’ll be sore and sure feeling residual effects of the physiological condition or pain medication, therefore it isn’t safe to work a vehicle.

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