PRP Mesotherapy

What is PRP Hair Treatment? PRP is an innovative treatment used for the regeneration of hair growth. PRP or Plasma Rich Protein is the blood plasma of humans concentrated with platelets. These concentrated platelets possess proteins along with the growth factors which help in stimulating hair follicle growth, increase blood circulation to hair follicles and decrease inflammation.

Which is the procedure of PRP Hair Treatment? 

The PRP hair treatment incorporates the following steps:

  • The doctors take small amount of blood from the patient
  • It is then placed in a high speed centrifuge for concentrating platelets
  • Then the PRP treatment is ready for scalp mesotherapy

What need is there at the frequency of PRP sessions? 
The size and the rate of hair loss and whether the treatment is a combined one determine the frequency of PRP hair treatment. The frequency is usually estimated at one treatment every four to six months for the initial year and as maintenance treatment one a year or none.

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