Mole Removal Treatment

Every one of us has moles some hardly visible, some which are our identity feature and some bothersome. While most times there is no need to actively remove or treat moles, it is important to differentiate them from viral infections, seborrheic dermatoses, freckles. Consulting your dermatologist should be given a priority if you notice any of the following changes in any of your moles.

Features of cancer/ malignant changes in moles

  • Sudden new growth
  • Pain/ itching in the mole
  • Spontaneous bleeding from the mole
  • Colour changes in the mole or it’s borders

We offer following treatment options for mole treatments

  • Full body examination and mole screening
  • Surgical removal
  • Scar less removal
  • Laser removal
  • Radiofrequency removal
mole removal

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