Laser Skin Resurfacing

laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing makes use of a laser to send out brief pulses of high energy light that are absorbed by water and substances in the skin known as chromophores. The light is changed into heat energy and the heat then destroys thin sections of skin, layer by layer. As the wounded area heals, new skin grows to replace the damaged skin that was removed during the laser treatment. Some lasers only tighten the skin by heating it but do not destroy the skin. Laser resurfacing is generally very precise and causes little damage to the surrounding skin and tissue. It’s most frequently done on the face, but might be done on the skin in other areas of the body. The hands, neck and chest might be avoided as skin in these areas does not heal as well as it does in other areas. It tends to thicken and scar due to the laser treatment.

How Laser skin Resurfacing is Effective?

Laser treatment for skin has been a revolution in recent times due to its new and highly effective ways of enhancing the complexion with minimum distress. Scars, brown spots, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines can be treated with the help of this treatment. Surplus hair growth, blood vessels and tattoos can also be treated with laser treatment. Sadly, many think this treatment to create magic, but remember that there are certain limitations to it, particularly, if you’ve a brown skin. If you have a fairly elastic skin which is not oily or prone to scarring, then you’re a perfect candidate for this treatment. This treatment is not suggested or recommended for those who have a dark skin as it could result in discoloration. The recovery time is extremely quick and not as laser hair removal. There’s a possibility of you having swelling and redness right after the treatment which could last for a few days, but you would be able to continue with your daily work the very next day.

How is Laser Skin Resurfacing Performed?

The areas to be treated are cleaned and marked with a pen. A nerve block with a local anesthetic is generally used to numb the area prior to the treatment. You might also be given a sedative or anti-anxiety medicine to help you relax. You might need a stronger anesthesia, sedation or pain relievers. if you are entire face is going to be treated. You might also need to wear sunglasses to prevent eye damage by the laser and wet towels would be placed around the area to absorb surplus laser pulses.

FAQ’s for Laser Skin Resurfacing:

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?
It’s a procedure that removes the outer layers of the skin with a laser that results in smoother and less wrinkled skin.

Is laser skin resurfacing a good procedure for me?
If you are a healthy individual that desires to improve the appearance of aged or damaged skin, then this procedure is good for you.

When will I be able to go back to work after laser skin resurfacing?
Most patients return back to work within the first to 2 weeks after having the procedure done. If you want to opt for this treatment then you can contact us or call on the given numbers.

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