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Anti aging medicine is a clinical area of expertise and is founded on the application of advanced medical as well as scientific technologies for the early detection, avoidance, treatment and reversal of age related dysfunction, disorders and diseases. It’s a method based on healthcare promoting innovating science and research for extending the healthy lifespan in humans. As such, anti aging medicine is based on principles of sound and accountable medical care that are reliable with those applied in other preventive health specialties.

The phrase ‘anti aging’ associates itself with the application of biomedical technologies which is quite advanced and focuses on the early detection, prevention and treatment of anti-aging related disease. Anti-aging medicine complements regenerative medicine, as both expertise embrace biomedical technologies aimed at achieving benefits for both the quality as well as quantity of the human lifespan. given ahead are some of the most promising features of regenerative medicine:

  • Stem cell therapeutics, technologies intending to beneficially modify the very basic cellular sources of dysfunctions, disorders, disabilities and diseases.
  • Therapeutic cloning, technologies to develop sufficient sources of human cells, organs and tissues for use in acute emergency care as well as the treatment of chronic, debilitating diseases.

Genomics and genetic engineering, advancements that allow the identification and alteration of genetics to ameliorate dysfunctions, disabilities, disorders and diseases. At skin and Surgery International, you would find the staffs here to be dedicated to striving for excellence in life for the patients. In today’s hectic life we try and have made it our goal to provide ways to handle the aging process so that you have a more appealing younger look and always have glow on your face. Once you have this, it automatically transforms in your mood to live a healthier life. We commit our patients a healthy skin after the process with the help of cutting edge technology and also with our experience of understanding the physiology related to human aging. So, If you want the best anti aging medicine, it’s here at Skin and Surgery International. Call Today..

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