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Lasers have revolutionized plastic and cosmetic surgery, dermatology, eye surgery, podiatry and dentistry. Today, laser therapy is used to treat several dermatological conditions from excessive growth of hair, tattoos and blood vessels, etc. Sadly, there are many who view lasers as the most magical, however, there are limitations to what they can achieve, particularly in brown skin.


Laser stands for ‘Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation’, which states light is amplified with the use of a gas, liquid or solid medium (that supplies electrons) that stimulates the emission of radiation. The intensified laser light then targets a component of the skin known as chromophere. They might be melanin, water, hemoglobin or even tattoo ink.

Laser Information:
There are several different types of lasers that have been developed and it’s vital to understand which lasers are best for which procedures. If you are thinking of undergoing one of the laser treatments then it’s important that you consult with your dermatologist as he will be the best person to decide as to which laser best suits your needs. There are several treatments that can be carried out with the help of lasers and one can easily get rid of those marks that becomes a hindrance in his/her success. We at Skin and Surgery International take pride in saying that we provide our esteemed clients with all types of laser treatments and that too at cost effective price.

Laser Treatments at Skin And Hair Surgery International Clinic Pune

Laser Acne Scar Treatment
Research has stated that acne is formed due to surplus sebum clogging the pores of the skin. This further results into the irritation and inflammation of the skin with tiny boils called pimples. The acne spreads when one rubs and pick into it, thus allowing the fluid in the pimples to seep into the surrounding area leading into the spread of acne. Research also states that family history plays a major role in the spreading of acne.

White Hair Removal
When a person gets white hair on his body, it becomes a huge distraction and an awful fact that indicates you have become old. Traditionally, laser treatments were used for hair removal, though it was mostly tried on youngsters.

Tattoo Removal
At Skin and Surgery International we have some of the best lasers equipped with modern technology and are quite gentler on the skin and efficiently help to remove the tattoo with the least scarring. These lasers come with different wavelength and pulse durations and different laser beams are absorbed by particular colors.

Birthmark Removal with Laser
These marks on the skin are present at the time of birth or develop soon after. Very often, birthmarks if exposed on the skin areas can be embarrassing as well as uncomfortable. If they are removed on time, the person’s confidence get a terrific boost.

The above mentioned laser treatments are some of the several ones that Skin and Surgery International provides to their customers. So, If you want to undergo any of the laser treatments then you know that you won’t get a better place than Skin and Surgery International.

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