Body Peels

Many are of the opinion that peels and scrubs are just for the face, but in reality, they aren’t. A rejuvenating peel used for treating the body can reveal healthy, glowing and even-toned skin. Similar to face peels, body peels work beyond the skin’s surface to lessen course texture, diminish fine lines and fade age spots and hyperpigmentation. Peels are considered to be the ideal way to remove surface damage from overexposure to the Sun and other environmental damage. Though not as familiar as face peels, body peels, nonetheless offer similar results and most clients notice an immediate difference in skin tone and soft silky touch. A chemical body peel is most commonly performed on areas of the body such as legs, arms, back, chest, hands, and feet.

Types of Body Peel

Different peels produce varying results depending on several factors such as your type of skin and condition, the type of peel that’s used, the part of the body it’s applied to and even whether you’ve had a peel earlier. The solution used in a peel can contain several active agents. Each active ingredient penetrates the skin at a different level which means that some target superficial skin in the epidermis, while others target deeper layers, into the dermis. As the skin on the body is slightly tougher than facial skin, active enzymes such as AHAs such as L-lactic acid and other acid combinations might be used to lift deeper layers of dead skin cells, regenerate and hydrate the skin, provide antioxidants, leaving it polished and smooth. There is also salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid which is a type of beta hydroxy acid or carbolic acid, otherwise called phenol that can be used in body peel solutions.

Once you consult with your skincare professional about your goals and expectations for the body peel, the skin is prepped with a soothing conditioning mask to help hydrate and soften skin. Then the correct peel solution is applied to help enhance skin cell turnover and correct targeted skin conditions. Most individuals experience a mild to moderate warming sensation for a few minutes while the solution is applied for as long as it remains on the skin. A hand-held fan might be held over the treated area to help cool the warming sensation, however, once the chemical body peel is complete, the sensation would go away.

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