Mesotherapy for Hair Fall Treatment

What is mesotherapy?
Mesotherapy for hair loss management is a comparatively painless procedure and takes about half an hour for completion. In this process, the tiny micro-injections are given into the scalp every 1 cm and several poly vitamins and growth factors are injected into the hair bulb directly at accurately controlled depth, without having any side effects. A special instrument is used for completing this procedure as it makes sure that the drug is directly given at the target site. Dermatologists who have years of experience and good knowledge about the hair follicle anatomy, perform the procedure and it is divided into intensive and maintenance phases.

Scalp mesotharapy treatment is a form of mesotherapy which is intended for those individuals having noticed decline of hair condition or surplus loss of hair. The changes taking place might be visible on a restricted area or cover the complete hairy surface of the head.

Benefit of Scalp Mesotherapy

  • Scalp mesotherapy helps in stimulating the stem cells
  • It restores the lost hair or thinning hair
  • Helps in stimulating the growth of hair
  • The therapy helps to increase the flow of blood to the scalp
  • It also cuts down the loss of hair, revive hair follicles and turns the hair into a dark color
meso therapy

Scalp mesotherapy is nothing but a series of microinjections of the peptides into the scalp used for promoting hair re-growth. In the initial stage, the treatment goes for a session per week for one month after which the maintenance treatment starts for each patient.

Men and women having any degree of hair loss and hair thinning are the perfect candidate for scalp hair re-growth mesotherapy. Without actually opting for a hair transplant, it’s a safe and non surgical treatment for restoring the lost hair. This therapy can actually be combined with hair transplant for stopping the process of hair loss and for promoting the revitalization of all hair follicles stem cells. It’s a process wherein solutions with stem cell derivatives and biochemical products are deposited at the base of hair follicle through micro injection.

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