Eyebrow Hair Transplant

The importance of eyebrows to one’s appearance can be seen from the fact that they are considered to be more vital than the scalp hair. This is because they are in a more central position on the face. Medical science doesn’t accept the loss of one’s eyebrows like that of the scalp hair as it’s not seen as a natural process and thus is not accepted cosmetically.

The growth cycle of the eyebrow hair is very short, which means that it would grow only for about 4 months before entering the resting phase and falling out. On the contrary, the growth phase of the scalp hair is such that it can last for 3 to 7 years, which further enables the scalp hair to grow much longer.

Following the natural direction very closely is the most important aspect of transplanting eyebrows. This involves extremely subtle angle changes to recreate the fan like splay of hair at the medical end of the brow and the converging hair direction as one move sideways along the brow. Significant amount of skill and experience is required for single hair micrografts that are placed into recipient sites having been created at extremely acute angles to the surface of the skin. Moreover, when the patient’s hair is waved, it’s especially vital to rotate the hair so that the curve of the hair shaft follows the natural curve of the eyebrow.

Brows aesthetically designed for your face Many experts consider the procedure of eyebrow restoration to be a highly inventive one, wherein a brow is designed individually based on your facial type, the features you possess and the results you personally wish. All the aspects of an eyebrow such as the suitable thickness of hair, the arch shape, space between the brows and the length of the brow.

eyebrow transplant

Brow restoration is beautiful and permanent solution
Eyebrow restoration makes use of the latest Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) method for creating a truly natural look, as it makes use of your own natural hair. And it doesn’t make use of tattooing, dying or other attempts to enhance the brow. Further, one cannot detect the restored hair as the hairs transplanted blend perfectly in with the existing brow.

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