Medical Nose Reshaping/ Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Knowing that shape & size of nose makes the biggest impact on beauty and realizing that surgical nose shaping leaves patients unhappy in most scenarios we have come out with this little known gem of a enhancement. We correct, refine and improve cosmetic appearance of nose bridge, nose tip, nose and eyebrow angle in addition to correcting any obvious humping deformities.Thus bringing in profound positive balance in facial features as well as patient’s self esteem.

rhino plastic surgery

The advantage in our technique lies in the fact it is not just reproducible but also reversible in a rare situation when patient doesn’t like the change.

Ear Lift/ Ear Lobe Repair

In India we have a fascination for beautiful earrings which are heavy most times. This along with the age related changes in skin and gravity makes ear lobes pendulous. Procedure of ear lobe repair is aimed at correcting sagging lobes or to repair a hole which no longer can hold an earring. Both surgical and nonsurgical options are available. Ear lobe repair offers a true emotional boost in addition to cosmetic benefits.

ear lift

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