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FUE hair transplant is a stitch less, scar less and painless treatment which does not affect the patient in any way. In this method, the grafted follicular units are implanted into the balding recipient area. This technique, over the years has yielded great results in terms of natural looking hairlines, hair density and minimized scarring. Best FUE hair transplant is usually performed for treating androgenic alopecia also called pattern baldness. This genetic hair loss condition leads to the balding of the crown, hairline, font and temple points. However, the latest innovations in FUE hair transplant in Pune have made it almost impossible to make a difference of a natural hair from the one that has undergone hair transplantation.

FUE- This is the most advanced as well as a scientific technique of hair restoration. This method is repeated until adequate follicular units of the planned hair restoration are harvested by a hair transplant surgeon. We, at Skin and Surgery Internation have experts, who with their impeccable knowledge and experience, execute this process with utmost ease. Our main goal is to provide you the most natural hairline. This technology has several advantages out of which few are listed below:

  • Most healthy grafts – As far as possible, we opt for the healthier grafts, thus the result is, same number of grafts as earlier. We ensure this by making use of additional magnification during graft harvesting.
  • Completely Painless: Many fear this procedure for pain, however, we want to make it clear that the procedures that we follow include the ice cooling and vibration methods wherein you are certain not to feel even the first few pricks. Local anesthesia is administered to the donor as well as recipient area in such a way that you won’t even come to know about it.
  • Donor area to remain damage free: In order to maintain the obvious density of the donor area, our team of experts makes sure of following special ratios. We also make use of dedicated punches which we change quite often to guarantee precision and rapid healing so that it goes back to normalcy within few days.
  • Refrain from Pre-made slits: Our clinic makes use of special disposable implants wherein our experts ensure that they don’t touch your grafts from the stem cell areas at any point when the process of hair transplant is on.
  • Special Holding Solutions: During the procedure, we don’t use normal saline, but special physiological solutions to hold outside the body. as a result, there’s no chance of dehydration happening and they tend to grow quite quicker later.
  • 100% Assurance: Our name is only our guarantee but still we assure you that the entire process is carried out by expert doctors and we don’t let assistants or interns touch your scalp.
  • First Extracted, First Implanted: We store and arrange your grafts in such a way that they aren’t arbitrarily left out of the body for too long.

FUE – Rapid Implant

This is the process wherein our professionalism and expertise are on view for our clients. This process is the next version of the regular FUE, wherein all its advantages are carried forward, except that the grafts that get extracted are put back in the recipient area soon. In this method, the expert frequently needs to change his position along with the patient. Some of its advantages are given below:

  • This treatment possesses all the advantages of the standard FUE procedure
  • No compromise on natural results: We don’t compromise at all in getting the best possible natural results, which mean we don’t falter to change the position more often even at the cost of more time for surgery. Thus, you can see that the end result is what we expect, whether its angle of exit, direction or final achieved obvious density.
  • As, the outside body time in this method is extremely less, there’s no need for storing the grafts outside the body for too long.
  • More respite for the Patient: We ensure that the patient feels completely relaxed during the entire procedure. For this we make sute to change the position frequently so that there’s no stress on the back or neck.

FUE Renourish

This technique comes more into play while dealing with thinning of hairs in areas except where the transplant needs to be done. The end result is the optimization of the growth rate for transplanting hairs, stopping of hair fall and boosting the thickness and growth of thinning hairs. This method doesn’t only emphasize on the care during the procedure, but before and after it as well. This technique works on the principle of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). In this technique, many experts opine that there is a great advantage as our blood has a lot of growth and healing stimulating properties. For PRP, we make use most accurate separation process that has been refined at every step. Soft spin and hard spin, special centrifuge, standardized protocols, degranulation additives are some of the methods used to get the most out of each PRP technique.
Some additional advantages of FUE renourish:

  • Extensive care- This technique involves the nourishing of the grafts and scalp before, during and after the hair transplant procedure. Given ahead is the schedule followed by us:
    • PRP Before Hair Transplant: We execute this method at least seven to thirty days before the transplant takes place, which covers he recipient area along with the area of thinning hairs
    • PRP during Hair Transplant: This method helps in holding your grafts while they aren’t yet implanted
    • PRP after Hair Transplant: After the transplant is completed, this method is done at an interval of 1 month, so that the growth of newly planted hairs along with the other thinning hair takes place. If there is a requirement, then we do it for the donor area at first instance only.
  • This technique helps in getting more dense hair not just in the area of transplant but all over
  • The person gets great respite from excessive fall of the hair and this is always seen as the initial effect of this therapy
  • The growth of hair increases rapidly, i.e. the hairs in the thinning area which were earlier growing gradually start growing at a faster rate. As a result, you tend to visit more often to the saloon for getting a haircut, which earlier was a rare sight.

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