Under Eye Dark Circles Treatment

The skin around the eyes is generally very delicate and thinner than most other areas of the face. It has no oil glands and has a fine texture. This area needs special care and reflects neglect, aging, abuse, stress, internal health and lifestyle extremely easily. In fact, there are many other factors such as lack of sleep, hereditary factors, stress and nutritional deficiencies, and illness that leads to the development of dark circles around the eyes.

dark circle removal

Thus, while looking for an external treatment, it’s generally suggested to take these aspects into consideration for establishing the cause and bring about the essential changes.

Dark circles can develop at an early age such as in the early 20s, though it’s more commonly seen in older people. Eating a balanced and nutritious diet that include salads, fresh fruits, yogurt, and sprout is the best way to prevent dark circles. However, cosmetology plays a vital role in today’s time to clear these in case you get them. Most often, dark circles aren’t just about the changes in the skin color, rather they result due to a loss of volume in the area around the eye. This further exposes the orbital bone thus creating a hollow trough that shows up as a dark circle. This is the delicate area of the eye and one of the first spots to reveal signs of aging and can occur as early as the late 30s or 40s.

What can one Do?
Makeup can help to cover up the spots and hiding them with a concealer is simpler than you might think. It’s always advisable to select a concealer that matches the tone of your skin. If you have mild discoloration, pick a liquid formula and if the shadows are more prominent, you can opt for more coverage with a cream or cake concealer. Other options include treatment with intense pulse light or IPL as it can help to destroy those pigment cells and smoothing the skin.

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