Dermatologist in kothrud, Karve Nagar

Dermatology is considered to be a medical specialty wherein the main focus lies in the diagnosis of the skin disorders and diseases. A dermatologist in Kothrud is the person who has the expertise in this field. The main focus of the expert here is to recognize as well as eliminate cysts, skin cancers and other skin growths. However, their expertise is not limited to just these, but is also spread to treat other skin issues such as skin allergies, acne, rashes and skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, dandruff and more. Some dermatologists are also expert in performing some aesthetic and elective procedures such as anti aging, laser treatments, botox injections and collagen injections.

Dermatologist in Karve Nagar or any other place primarily take training as doctors. They undertake a university study of 6 or more years in order to gain their medical degrees. After this they embark on a journey of getting many years of full time practice and training in a teaching hospital as well as a junior doctor of a hospital. After undergoing this training, they can make an application to enter a 5 year training program in dermatology. Before entering the training program of the college, the potential trainees undergo additional study and scientific research in dermatology.

In the beginning of the training program, trainees sit for the examination of Clinical Sciences. When the training program is about to end the trainees sit for both written as well as oral components of the Fellowship examination. Dermatology is a specialized field and the person who practices it is considered to be a special act. Skin and Surgery International takes pride in presenting one of the world’s best dermatologists. Hurry up and call up to get the best services.

Dr. Pradeep Kumari has a good understanding of human biology and an exceptional sense of aesthetics which helps her deliver results at an amazing rate. Over the years, she has gained reputation as a world leader in not just training and making people look good but also in training other doctors in the same. Under the leadership of Dr. Kumari, we have experienced staffs that are well versed in their work. Our clinic adopts the science of acute symptom relief with good understanding of changes in bio physiology in any disease process to offer long lasting relief from disease scenarios. The treatment that our clinic adopts includes approved medications along with lifestyle and nutritional modification.

Today, cosmetic dermatology in India is becoming one of the most competitive residency programs that have entered for the past many years and every year all the positions are quickly filled with the top scorers. Today, more people are aware about the impact of skin diseases and thus know the importance of a skin specialist or cosmetic dermatologist. Skin and Surgery International is one such center for skin and cosmetic dermatologythat understand the requirements of its patients and act accordingly. We have all the latest equipments with advanced technology for rectifying any problems related to skin.

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