Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant Pune is a popular procedure for growing permanent natural hair on bald areas of the head.
Usually, people grow bald in front and on top of the head but the hair of very back of the head is virtually never lost. Some of this permanent hair transplant Pune of the back are removed along with their root and transplanted in the front bald area.
The transplanted hair starts growing after 4 months and is permanent. They can be washed, cut and styled like your natural hair.

Anesthesia: Local, Near pain-free
Surgery limit: Around 7-8 days (1-2 days)
Hospital stay: No need of admission to hospital
Stitches: No

hair transplant process

Following are the steps

Consultation – During the consultation number of grafts require and where they will be placed is planned.

Pre-operative evaluation– Routine blood tests are advised and will be given detailed pre-operative instructions.

Surgery– Local anesthesia is injected in the area of graft extraction with the help of a very tiny needle, cool sense. This makes the entire hair transplant almost pain free. The first step of surgery is the extraction of grafts by FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). There are no stitches taken. Individual grafts ( not hair follicles) are planted then in the desired area. We used a special instrument called irrplaters for this. Your grafts are not touched at any stage from live parts during entire hair transplant

After surgery– We will do a small dressing on the back of your head on the very next day which you can remove yourself after 2 days. After an operation, we will prescribe you antibiotics, anti allergic medicines which you have to take for 10 days.
We will also give you post-operative instructions in written

Recovery and final result– New hair transplant is very small so you look as before surgery. Implanted roots start growing new hair transplant after completion of 4 months and keep growing at the rate of 1 Cm (averagely) per month. Final look and density are achieved by the end of one year.

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