In this procedure, radio frequency waves are used to burn off unwanted tissue such as skin tags, moles, all types of warts, keratoses and other such growths. Radiosurgery is safe for children and can be used safely on the face and body.

Pre- and post-procedure instructions:

  • Keep the bandage on for 24 hours
  • Don’t rub or scrub the area
  • Don’t remove the scabs prematurely
  • If the treatment is done on the face, no steam / facial / bleach or such other procedures should be done till the area heals
  • If the treatment is done on an exposed part of the body, then cover the treated area with a bandage when going outdoors.
  • Avoid outdoor games and swimming for a week

Post-procedure symptoms:
The treated area will appear red and swollen for 1-2 days; it will then scab and heal.

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